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Prima segnalazione per la Sicilia di Pseudoplectania ericae e Donadinia lusitanica (Ascomycota, Pezizales)

By Saitta S. – 19 April 2020
The first findings in Sicily of Pseudoplectania ericae and Donadinia lusitanica are reported. A detailed description of macro- and microscopical features is provided, together with...

Three new species of Hydropisphaera (Bionectriaceae) from Europe and French Guiana

By Lechat C., Fournier J. – 19 April 2020
Three new species of Hydropisphaera are described and illustrated, based on material collected in Europe and French Guiana. The three species were cultured and cultures were sequen...

Clonostachys moreaui (Hypocreales, Bionectriaceae), a new species from the island of Madeira (Portugal)

By Lechat C., Fournier J., Gasch A. – 19 April 2020
Clonostachys moreaui sp. nov. is described and illustrated based on a collection on dead corticated branches of Laurus novocanariensis in Madeira (Portugal). This species is placed...

Validation of Pseudotricharina lanigera sp. nov. (Pezizales)

By Healy R. – 19 April 2020
At the time of publication of the new species Pseudotricharina lanigera Healy, D. Torres, Pfister & M.E. Sm., the genus Pseudotricharina was invalid, which means that P. lanigera ...

Validation de Peziza martinicensis sp. nov. (Pezizales)

By Van Vooren N. – 19 April 2020
Validation with molecular data of a Peziza s. str. species, already presented by the author in 2008 under the provisional name P. martinicae, characterized by a layer of gelatiniz...

Resurrection of Boudier’s generic name Urceolella for Excipula aspera Moug. ex Fr. (Helotiales)

By Helleman S. – 15 February 2020
The author proposes a reconsideration of the placement of Excipula aspera Moug. ex Fr., a Osmunda regalis inhabiting species, in the genera Urceolella Boud. and Olla Velen. based o...

Pezizales asociados a briófitos en las islas Canarias: estado actual y contribución a su estudio en la isla de Tenerife

By Quintero M., Quijada L., Negrín R., Losada-Lima A. – 15 February 2020
Here we show the current knowledge of bryophilous Pezizales in the Canary Islands based on a bibliographic revision. Also, a morpho-taxonomic study of bryophyte-associated fungi of...

A survey of half-free morels in Spain reveals a new species: Morchella iberica sp. nov. (Ascomycota, Pezizales)

By Clowez P., Marcos Martinez J., Sanjaume R., Marques G., Bellanger J.M., Moreau P.A. – 15 February 2020
The authors describe, on the basis of three Spanish collections, a new species of morel: Morchella iberica, close to the European species M. semilibera (half-free morel), belonging...

Pseudocosmospora hypoxylicola (Nectriaceae), a new species from the French Alps

By Lechat C., Fournier J. – 15 February 2020
Pseudocosmospora hypoxylicola is described and illustrated based on material occurring on stromata of Hypoxylon fuscum on Alnus alnobetula in France. The placement of this fungus i...

Chaetopsina pnagiana (Nectriaceae, Hypocreales), a new holomorphic species from Saül (French Guiana)

By Lechat C., Fournier J. – 15 February 2020
A new species of Chaetopsina is described and illustrated from a collection in French Guiana. Based on morphological divergences of both sexual and asexual morphs from known Chaeto...
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