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Three new species of Ijuhya (Bionectriaceae, Hypocreales) from metropolitan France, French Guiana and Spain, with notes on morphological characterization of Ijuhya and allied genera

By Lechat C., Fournier J. – 06 April 2019
Three new species of Ijuhya are described and illustrated, based on material collected in metropolitan France, French Guiana and Spain. Based on morphological and phylogenetic comp...

Discovering unrecorded genera of Helotiales in the Canary Islands

By Quijada L., Beltrán-Tejera E. – 06 April 2019
We report the first records for the Canary Islands of species of three genera of Helotiales, Dematioscypha dematiicola, Hamatocanthoscypha ocellata and Hyalopeziza nectrioidea. Mac...

A new species and a new combination of truffle-like fungi in the Geopora-Tricharina lineage from North America: Terracavicola echinospora gen. et sp. nov. and Geopora lateritia comb. nov.

By Grupe II A.C., Kraisitudomsook N., Healy R., Zelmanovich D., Anderson C., Guevara G., Trappe J., Smith M.E. – 06 April 2019
Molecular investigations into two truffle-like fungi within the Pyronemataceae (Pezizales, Ascomycota) revealed hidden diversity that required further clarification of generic and ...

Pleiocarpon gardiennetii (Nectriaceae), a new holomorphic species from French Guiana

By Lechat C., Fournier J. – 06 April 2019
Pleiocarpon gardiennetii sp. nov. is described and illustrated based on a collection on a dead pyrenolichen, Astrothelium sp. (Trypetheliaceae), in French Guiana. The cylindrocarpo...

Validation of Pseudotricharina intermedia gen. et sp. nov.

By Van Vooren N. – 06 April 2019
Pseudotricharina intermedia Van Vooren, Tello & M. Vega (2015) was invalidly published due to an ambiguity concerning the holotype designation. Because of this mistake, the genus ...

Pseudocoprotus gen. nov. – eine neue Gattung für Cheilymenia catenipila J. Moravec

By Lindemann U., Fellmann B., Castillo J.A. – 16 February 2019
The genetical and morphological analyses of the type collection of Cheilymenia catenipila from New Zealand as well as of three recent collections from Europe confirm the separate p...

Cheilymenia apiculispora (Pezizales, Pyronemataceae) un sorprendente hallazgo en la Península Ibérica

By Rubio E., Tapia M., Balda F.J. – 16 February 2019
Macro- and microscopic description of a rare coprophilous ascomycete, Cheilymenia apiculispora, found in Western Europe for the first time.

Three new species of Dialonectria (Nectriaceae) from France

By Lechat C., Fournier J., Gardiennet A. – 16 February 2019
Three species of Dialonectria collected in France on Diatrypaceae are described and illustrated as new species. Their taxonomic position is based on morphological characteristics a...

Lasionectriopsis, a new genus in the Bionectriaceae, based on the new species L. germanica

By Lechat C., Moreau P.-A., Bender H. – 16 February 2019
Lasionectriopsis germanica gen. and sp. nov. is described and illustrated based on a collection from Germany. The asexual morph of this fungus was obtained in culture and the cultu...

Compte rendu de la session Ascomycota Zone Alpine 2018

By Capoen B. – 16 February 2019
Report of the activities made during the foray dedicated to the Ascomycota of the Alpine zone, organised by in August 2018 in Piora (Tessin, Switzerland) and listin...
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