Inventories regurlarly participates to mycological inventories to deliver its expertise in Ascomycota, alone or in partnership with other organizations. Here are some examples of projects conducted these last years. See also our works dedicated to the Alpine Zone here.

Graal 2019

Inventory dedicated to freshwater ascomycetes, held in the French department of Haute-Loire, April 2019.

 Report (text in French).

Reserve of Mesnil-Soleil

Inventory dedicated to ascomycetes, held in the Natural Reserve of Coteau Mesnil-Soleil, Normandie, in 2021.

 Report (text in French).

Cantal-Sud 2021

Inventory dedicated to ascomycetes, held in the southern area of the French department of Cantal, in June 2021.

 Report (text in French).

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