Alpine Zone Ascomycota

In 2013, launched a project for an inventory of Ascomycota found in Alpine zone. Indeed, its mycobiota, especially the smallest fungi like Ascomycota, is still an under-prospected group and the literature on this subject is rather sparse. The biotopes of the Alpine zone (grasslands, small lakes, wetlands, etc.) are though very interesting due to their floristic originality and their adaptation to altitude conditions and climatic hazards. A part of this mycobiota is also found in the retinue of boreo-arctic ascomycetes, but we found interesting to make a fundamental work to improve our knowledge of Alpine Ascomycota. Thus, each year we organize a study session in August to prospect the Alpine zone or upper Subalpine zone looking for these little wonders.

Organized Forays

2013: Beaufort (Savoie, France) – report
2014: Saint-Lary-Soulan (Hautes-Pyrénées, France) – report
2015: Lanslebourg (Savoie, France) – report
2017: Beaufort (Savoie, France) – report
2018: Pralognan-la-Vanoise (Savoie, France) – report
2018: Cadagno di Fiori (Tessin, Switzerland) – report
2019: Mizoën, massif de l'Oisans (Isère, France) – report
2020: Méribel les Allues (Savoie, France) – report
2021: Sollières (Savoie, France) – report
2022: Sampeyre (Cuneo, Italy) – report

Biodiv'ALP Inventories participated in 2019-2020 to this series of ATBI (All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory) in the National Parks of Alps for a better knowledge of alpine biodiversity.

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