About Us
Ascomycete.org is a French non-profit organization, governed by the French law of 1 July 1901. Its purpose aims at the scientific study of fungi belonging to the Ascomycota and the dissemination of mycological and ecological knowledge relative to the specific diversity of this group.
To achieve its goals, Ascomycete.org implements the following means:
  •  dissemination of information through a website
  •  publishing and distribution of scientific publications, in electronic or print matter
  •  organization of events such as exhibitions, seminars or conferences
  •  organization of scientific field trips
  •  building taxonomic and bibliographic databases
  •  and any other action within the scope of its aim
Ascomycete.org wishes to bring the mycological community, amateurs and professionals, passionate for Ascomycetes who wish to share and disseminate their knowledge in this domain. To do that, they can provide various documents (keys, slideshows, etc.), Wiki-type contents, articles to be published in our electronic journal or participate in the scanning work to fill our digital library.
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  • 384 members
  • 34 countries
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Who can join?

The membership is open to all people and to legal entities (non-profit organizations, labs, libraries...). For organizations, an invoice can be delivered on demand.

What are the advantages of this membership?

It offers:
  •  privileged access to our library containing many digital documents (books, journals, etc.) and other contents
  •  subscription to the electronic journal Ascomycete.org
  •  no inscription fee to our events such as forays or congresses
  •  financial support for phylogenetic analyses (under conditions)
  •  optional subscription to the quaterly bulletin of the Fédération mycologique et botanique Dauphiné Savoie with a reduced price
  •  application of reduced price on subscription for some other journals published by French mycological federations (ex. FAMM)
  •  application of reduced price on some books

How to become a member?

You just have to complete the membership form and pay the fees. The 2024 membership fees is:
  •   Simple membership (without subscription to the bulletin of FMBDS): 15 € (individual) or 20 € (organizations)
  •   Simple membership+FMBDS package (including 22 € for subscription to the bulletin of FMBDS): 37 € (individual) or 42 € (organizations)
  •   Benefactor membership (including 22 € for subscription to the bulletin of FMBDS): 80 € or more
Payment Methods
In France, payments can be made by check to ASCOMYCETE.ORG or by bank transfer.
Outside France, payments have to be made by a transfer to the following bank account:
Crédit Agricole du Morbihan - SWIFT BIC : AGRIFRPP860 - IBAN : FR76 1600 6091 1100 8257 4198 428
Payment by Paypal is also possible (see below).
Simple Membership 15 €
Simple Membership+FMBDS 37 €
Benefactor membership 80 €
Simple Membership 20 €
Simple Membership+FMBDS 42 €
Benefactor Membership 80 €
The board of Ascomycete.org is composed by the following people:
  • President: Michel Hairaud
  • Treasurer: Jean-Paul Priou
  • Secretary: Jean-Claude Chasle
  • René Dougoud
  • Elisabeth Stöckli
  • Technical Director: Nicolas Van Vooren (web site and journal)
Digital Library

Our Digital Library contains more than 1,100 digitized documents, with permission of their authors or their publishers. Discover the list of articles and books integrated in this library by downloading this file: LIST.

More about our Digital Library, click here.