Why you should contribute to our journal

Since its creation, several hundred authors, from the associative or the academic worlds, have chosen to publish in Ascomycete.org. They have made it possible to disseminate a wide range of knowledge on Ascomycota, from all regions of the world.

In a highly competitive editorial environment, we have chosen to be independent in order to offer a medium which shall open to the greatest number of people, at the service of authors, without any cost for them. We have also chosen not to integrate the impact factor system of some other scientific journals, because some of its principles pervert the model for the dissemination of science. Nevertheless, we apply publishing rules, and we respect the fundamental principle of peer review thanks to the pre-submissions and reviews carried out by our Editorial Board.

Because we believe that taxonomy deserves to be disseminated, we open our pages not only to taxonomic revisions and publication of new species, but also to papers intended to present little-known or little-cited species in the literature, to better understand their characters and distribution. Publishing in our journal also offers you the opportunity to highlight your work and illustrations, far from articles where your work would be drowned in the mass or formatted in a poor quality. We also offer a relatively short publication time, usually a few weeks, as we are not constrained by pagination or planning of our issues.

More than ever, we need your support so that Ascomycete.org can continue its work of disseminating knowledge about the Ascomycota. We look forward to seeing you soon in our columns.

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