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Podospora bullata, a new homothallic ascomycete from kangaroo dung in Australia

By Bell A., Mahoney D., Debuchy R. – 05 May 2016
Podospora bullata sp. nov. is described and illustrated based on five kangaroo dung collections from Australia. The species is placed in the genus Podospora based on its teleomorph...

Genea cephalonicae sp. nov. (Ascomycota, Pezizales), a new hypogeous species from Greece

By Kaounas V., Agnello C., Alvarado P. – 05 May 2016
A new species of Genea Vittad. from Greek forests of Abies cephalonica is proposed based on morphological and genetic studies. Macroscopic images of fresh specimens, as well as obs...

Jafnea pallida (Pezizales), a new name for a cup fungus rediscovered in Tasmania

By Gates G., Van Vooren N. – 05 May 2016
A modern description is provided for Geopyxis pallidus, a species described by L. Rodway in 1920, from the here selected lectotype and additional recent collections from Tasmania. ...

Varicosporellopsis, a new aquatic genus from southern France

By Lechat C., Fournier J. – 05 May 2016
Varicosporellopsis aquatilis gen. and sp. nov. is described and illustrated based on two collections on submerged wood in southern France. An acremonium-like asexual morph was obta...

Belonioscyphella hypnorum (Helotiales), a rarely reported bryoparasitic ascomycete new for the Czech Republic

By Egertová Z., Hairaud M., Sochor M. – 05 May 2016
Belonioscyphella hypnorum is published from the Czech Republic for the first time. It was found in three localities in Moravia — in all cases in calcareous areas at an altitude aro...

Studies on Hypoxylon ferrugineum (Xylariaceae), a rarely reported species collected in the urban area of Graz (Austria)

By Friebes G., Wendelin I. – 05 May 2016
Hypoxylon ferrugineum has been collected repeatedly on branches of Tilia in the urban area of Graz. It is described and illustrated based on this newly collected material as well a...
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