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Typification of Hymenoscyphus sulphuratus (Ascomycota, Helotiales)

By Van Vooren N. – 18 December 2014
Hymenoscyphus sulphuratus is an uncommon species growing on conifer litter, but is typically found on Picea abies needles. As with many other historically described species, this n...

A rare desiccation-tolerant species with single-spored asci: Mellitiosporium propolidoides (Rhytismatales)

By Senn-Irlet B. – 18 December 2014
Descriptions and illustrations are given from Mellitiosporium propolidoides (Rhytismatales, Leotiomycetes) outstanding with single-spored asci, based on three recent collections fr...

Sclerotinia spermophila Noble – ein Labor-Insasse auf Abwegen

By Richter T., Vega M. – 18 December 2014
Sclerotinia spermophila Noble only known from cultures obtained from seeds of White Clover, Trifolium repens L., is reported from collections in natural habitat growing on seeds of...

Is Psilocistella quercina (Velen.) Svrček a good taxon?

By Quijada L., Huhtinen S., Hairaud M., Beltrán-Tejera E. – 18 December 2014
Since Psilocistella quercina was described in 1977, it is considered a doubtful taxon, and therefore not currently accepted. A bibliographic revision, together with recent studies ...

Geoglossaceae de France : Trichoglossum octopartitum Mains, récolté en France

By Priou J.-P., Dechaume J.-P. – 18 December 2014
Description and illustration of Trichoglossum octopartitum Mains (1940), reported as new to France and compared with other Trichoglossum species having seven-septate ascospores. A ...

Un hôte du sureau yèble (Sambucus ebulus) : Trichopezizella rubroguttata comb. nov. (Helotiales)

By Moyne G. – 18 December 2014
Description and illustration of Trichopezizella rubroguttata comb. nov., a species of Helotiales that seems common on dead stems of Sambucus ebulus

The genus Polycephalomyces (Hypocreales) in the frame of monitoring Veternica cave (Croatia) with a new segregate genus Perennicordyceps

By Matočec N., Kušan I., Ozimec R. – 18 December 2014
During the regular biospeleological monitoring in the Veternica cave (Mt. Medvednica, Croatia), particular synnematous entomogenous fungus parasitizing on an imago of the subtroglo...

Micropeziza curvatispora sp. nov., M. fenniae sp. nov. and M. zottoi sp. nov. (Helotiales) – three new species of the genus Micropeziza from Western Siberia, Finland, Germany and Belgium

By Lindemann U., Helleman S., Filippova N., Krieglsteiner L., Pennanen M. – 18 December 2014
Three Micropeziza species, Micropeziza fenniae, M. curvatispora and M. zottoi, collected in Western Siberia, Finland, Germany and Belgium are described as new to science. The simil...

Contribution à la connaissance de Unguiculariopsis ravenelii subsp. hamata (Chenant.) W.Y. Zhuang

By Hairaud M. – 18 December 2014
An illustrated description of the tiny helotialean Unguiculariopsis ravenelii subsp. hamata (Chenant.) W.Y. Zhuang, is proposed after a new living collection in Center West of Fran...

Une nouvelle espèce coprophile, Cheilymenia laevispora sp. nov. (Pezizales, Pyronemataceae)

By Dougoud R. – 18 December 2014
Cheilymenia laevispora sp. nov. is described and illustrated as a new coprophilous species collected in alpine zone. The distinct cellular structures composing the layers of the fl...

About Lasiosphaeria s. l. (3). Lizonia sphagni Cooke collected in Europe

By Declercq B. – 18 December 2014
Recent collections of a lasiosphaeriaceous species on Sphagnum showed to be conspecific with Lizonia sphagni Cooke for which the new combination Hilberina sphagni (Cooke) Declercq ...


By Anonyme Z. – 18 December 2014

Cistella helvetica Baral (Hyaloscyphaceae), une espèce rare récoltée pour la première fois en France

By Capoen B. – 18 December 2014
Cistella helvetica, a rare species of the Hyaloscyphaceae on ferns is described and illustrated after a collection from Britanny (France). This collection seems to be the first one...

“The story so far...” An Interim Bibliography of Hans-Otto Baral for the Years 1981-2014

By Bemmann M. – 18 December 2014
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