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Révision nomenclaturale des noms d’ascomycètes publiés par Émile Boudier. 1re partie : 1869 à 1904

By Van Vooren N. – 21 December 2011
A nomenclatural revision of the names of specific or infraspecific taxa, among the Ascomycota, published by Boudier is proposed. It allows to precise or to correct bibliographic ci...

Tuber asa and T. gennadii. A close morphological study of two species often confused in the past with a brief historical bibliographic summary

By Agnello C., Kaounas V. – 21 December 2011
The authors describe Tuber asa and T. gennadii, showing the differences between the two species. A historical overview that highlights how the species have been often confused in t...

Premiers signalements d’Otidea caligata (Nyl.) Sacc. (Ascomycota, Pezizales) en France

By Van Vooren N. – 21 December 2011
The first French gatherings of Otidea caligata (Nyl.) Sacc., a species growing under spruces, are signaled. A detailed description and illustrations are given in this note. This ta...

Ritrovamenti nel Salento di Hydnocystis piligera Tul. e Hydnocystis clausa (Tul. et C. Tul.) Ceruti

By Agnello C. – 15 February 2011
The author describes some collections of Hydnocystis piligera and Hydnocystis clausa found in last years in Salento (Puglia, Italy). Photographs of ascocarps, microscopic pictures ...

A collection of Hydnotrya confusa Spooner 1992 from Southwest Germany

By Bemmann M., Bandini D. – 05 October 2011
A recent find of a hypogeous ascomycete from Germany that could be identified as Hydnotrya confusa is reported and discussed.This species is described here for the first time from ...

Contribution to the knowledge of Plectania milleri (Ascomycota, Pezizales), a Northwestern American species

By Carbone M., Agnello C., Harnisch J. – 05 October 2011
Two collections of Plectania milleri from Montana and Washington State (U.S.A.) are studied in depth. Color pictures of fresh specimens, microscopic morphology, and B/W drawing are...

First record of Otidea caeruleopruinosa Harmaja (Ascomycota, Pezizales) in the Iberian Peninsula

By Van Vooren N., Olariaga I., Tabarés M. – 24 July 2011
Otidea caeruleopruinosa is recorded for the first time outside Finland. Further morphological details are provided and a thorough comparison made to the original description. The v...

Synaptospora setosa Huhndorf, F.A. Fern. et Cand., a rare Sordariomycete

By Declercq B. – 24 July 2011
The author presents Synaptospora setosa Huhndorf, F.A. Fern. & Cand., collected on decayed wood of oak (Quercus robur). A key of species belonging to the genus Synaptospora is prov...

Capronia muriformis spec. nov. and two new combinations in the genus Capronia (Ascomycota)

By Friebes G. – 24 July 2011
Capronia muriformis is described as new and it is compared to the close Capronia acutiseta. Capronia castlerockii and Capronia vaga are proposed as new combinations

Un Hyaloscyphaceae remarquable, Solenopezia leucostoma

By Dougoud R. – 24 July 2011
The author describes and illustrates Solenopezia leucostoma. The definition of the genus is reminded and two characters of the species, identified as distinct, are discussed

Notes sur une espèce peu commune : Nectriella atrorubra Lechat et J. Fourn.

By Mourgues Y. – 14 April 2011
Description of a remarkable and recently described ascomycete, Nectriella atrorubra Lechat et J. Fourn., with comments on its habitat and its distribution

Première récolte de Cercophora coronata, ascomycète fimicole, sur l’île de la Martinique (Antilles françaises)

By Delpont M. – 14 April 2011
The author presents and illustrates a first-record of Cercophora coronata in Martinique island (French Lesser Antilles)

Clé des espèces du genre Fuscolachnum J.H. Haines

By Dougoud R. – 14 April 2011

Quatre discales récoltées sur feuilles de Rubus fructicosus, en photographies et dessins

By Dougoud R. – 14 April 2011
The author presents some photographs and drawings of four species collected, during 2010, on bramble dead leaves, Rubus fructicosus. Bibliographical references refer the reader to ...

Ein schöner, seltener Ascomycet: Humaria solsequia (Quél.) Van Vooren et Moyne

By Wilhelm M. – 14 April 2011
A collection of Humaria solsequia is presented, with photographs taken on site and microscopic photographs

Un curieux habitat pour Leucoscypha leucotricha (Ascomycète, Pezizales)

By Moyne G. – 14 April 2011
The author describes and illustrates Leucoscypha leucotricha (Alb. et Schwein.) Boud., collected on decaying wood of beech (Fagus sylvatica), in Franche-Comté (France)

Raccolte mediterranee di Reddellomyces donkii

By Agnello C. – 14 April 2011
A morphological study of Reddellomyces donkii, following many collections in Apulia (Italy) is presented. Photocolors, microsheets and drawing are also added

Poronia ingii (J. D. Rogers et Læssøe) J. D. Rogers, Y.-M. Ju et F. San Martin rediscovered in Canary Islands (Spain)

By Ribes M.A., Fournier J., Negrín R. – 14 April 2011
Poronia ingii was first described in 1992 by Rogers et Læssøe (as Podosordaria ingii J. D. Rogers et Læssøe) and was so far only known from this first collection on fronds of Phoen...
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