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Note sur une récolte française de Nodulosphaeria robusta et mise au point nomenclaturale sur Cryptodiaporthe salicella

By Leroy P., Lafont J.-P. – 14 August 2010
Nodulosphaeria robusta (Strasser) L. Holm is a rare species growing on Senecio stems. A description is provided on the occasion of a recent collection, made in France, where the sp...

Sur quelques Mollisia récoltés à la session Ascomycètes en mai 2010

By Van Vooren N. – 14 August 2010
Presentation and microscopic illustration of species belonging to the genus Mollisia, rather common, but always difficult to determine

Catalogue des Ascomycètes récoltés dans la Loire. 1er addendum

By Van Vooren N. – 14 August 2010
This note is the first addendum to the check-list of Ascomycetes collected in the French department of Loire, previously published in the Bulletin mensuel de la Société linnéenne d...

Note sur deux espèces intéressantes

By Hairaud M. – 14 August 2010
A focus is made upon two species among the Hyaloscyphaceae collected during the 2010 Ascomycetes foray in Saint-Jean-la-Vêtre (France, Loire), Calycina conorum (Rehm) Baral and Cis...

Note sur Hymenoscyphus vernus (Helotiales)

By Capoen B. – 14 August 2010
The author presents and illustrates a collection of Hymenoscyphus vernus (Boud.) Dennis, and compares it with H. imberbis (Bull. : Fr.) Dennis

Première récolte européenne d’Ascotaiwania lignicola (Sordariales)

By Fournier J. – 14 August 2010
Description and illustration of the first European collection of Ascotaiwania lignicola, made during the « Ascomycetes » session in May 2010

Compte rendu de la session "Ascomycètes"

By Van Vooren N. – 14 August 2010
Report of the mycological session devoted to Ascomycetes, during May 2010, at Saint-Jean-la-Vêtre (Loire, France)
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