Ascomycete.org is a portal related to fungi belonging to the Ascomycota. It provides access to an electronic international journal devoted to the taxonomy of ascomycetes, to a digital library and to other contents. It is managed by the eponym non-profit organization whose objective is the diffusion of specific knowledge on Ascomycota. Contact us for any question.


  • S'initier et se perfectionner à l'étude des discomycètes

    The first guide in French dedicated to the study of discomycetes (lifestyles, morphology, microscopy, genetic study, etc.)
    by R. Dougoud - 84 pp. - price 20 €
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  • Membership Fees 2023

    Our Membership fees are not changing in 2023.
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  • Cahiers de la FMBDS #7

    Révision des types de Pézizomycètes publiés par J.-C. Donadini (descriptions, illustrations, phylogénie)
    by N. Van Vooren & M.-J. Mauruc - 102 pp.
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  • Monograph of Orbiliomycetes (Ascomycota) based on vital taxonomy

    by H.-O. Baral, E. Weber & G. Marson - 2 vols. 1752 pp.
    More information: https://www.mnhn.lu/pub/mono_orb
    Orbilia book
  • Morilles de France et d'Europe

    by P. Clowez & P.-A. Moreau - 370 pp.
    More information: https://www.capregionseditions.fr/livre/morilles-de-france-et-europe/
  • The Korf Foray

    Held in honor of the late Dr. Richard P. Korf, the Korf Foray is an ascomycete-focused, taxonomic retreat, located in the rainforests of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Highlands, North Carolina (USA) - August 14-17, 2023.
    More information: https://www.korfforay.org/
  • Ascomycete.org, vol. 15, fasc. 2

    The new issue of our electronic journal is online.
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Ascomycete.org is a French non-profit organization, governed by the French law of 1 July 1901. Its purpose aims at the scientific study of Ascomycota and the dissemination of mycological and ecological knowledge relative to the specific diversity of this group, and the promotion of activities for this dissemination to individuals or organizations.

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