As a member of the FMBDS, participates to the fungal inventory called MycoflAURA. This section is devoted to this program and gives information about it, regular news, and proposes an access to the web portal hosted by FMBDS.

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What is the project MycoflAURA?

This project is a fungal inventory of the French region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (area 69,711 km²), one of the most diversified ecologically. It is managed by the Fédération mycologique et botanique Dauphiné-Savoie which covers this wide administrative territory. One of the goals is to produce the regional RED LIST of fungi.

More information: signed an agreement with FMBDS to provide data on Ascomycota collected in this region.

Data related to Ascomycota

These main sets of data have been added to the Mycoflaura database (until the 31 Dec. 2017):

  •  check-list of the foray made in 2010 in St. Jean-la-Vêtre (Loire)
  •  check-list of the foray made in 2013 in Beaufort (Savoy)
  •  check-list of the foray made in 2015 in Lanslebourg (Savoy)
  •  check-list of the foray made in 2017 in Beaufort (Savoy)
  •  check-list from Van Vooren's database
  •  check-list from Ayel's database
  •  check-list from Bozonnet's database
  •  check-list from Pellicier's database (Erysiphales)
  •  data from various mycologists and associations...
  •  data from literature

The inventory contains more than 9,188 observations relative to Ascomycota, and 1,710 species and varieties have been recorded.

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