- newsletter Oct. 2020
By Hairaud M. – 23 November 2020

Dear friends, 
The 5th issue is now available on the Journal page. Here is the content :

  •  Mombert A. & Moyne G. — Contribution à la connaissance de Unguiculariopsis lettaui (Helotiales)
  •  Boom P.P.G. (van den) — Further interesting lichens and lichenicolous fungi from Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), with the description of two new species
  •  Rubio E., Baral H.-O. & Linde J. — Capitotricha attenuans comb. nov. (Lachnaceae, Helotiales), the story of a forgotten fungus
  •  Revue bibliographique


I have the pleasure to announce that the work (see attached) "Révision des types de Pézizomycètes publiés par J.C. Donadini (description, illustrations, phylogénie)" authored by N. Van Vooren and M.J. Mauruc will soon be released thanks to a co-publishing by, FMBDS and FAMM. Please welcome it ! General Assembly report 
The report of the latest General Assembly is now available (see attached). You will discover some novelties and debated projects.