The effective publication date of the name Octospora Hedw. (Pezizales)

Van Vooren N., Bemmann M., Bouvier A.

Vol. 16 (1) – 08 April 2024

doi: 10.25664/art-0384

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Abstract: The name Octospora, applying to a genus of the Pezizales, is attributed to Johannes Hedwig. In modern taxonomy and in databases, the date of effective publication is the year 1789, based on the date printed in volume 2 of Hedwig’s book, Descriptio et adumbratio microscopico-analytica muscorum frondosorum. New investigations showed this name was validly published one year before, in Hedwig’s Stirpes cryptogamicae. The nomenclatural impacts of this change of publication date are discussed. Lectotypes are designated for Octospora leucoloma, O. comitialis, O. hirudo, O. sigillatoria and O. mentzeliana. The new combination Octospora corallina is introduced.

Recently, the first author was intrigued by the discovery of the book Florae Megapolitanae prodromus published by Timm (1788) in which this author listed a series of fungal species under the name Octospora, referring to volume 2 of Hedwig’s publication Descriptio et adumbratio microscopico-analytica muscorum frondosorum theoretically published in 1789. We first checked these dates […]

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