Tarzetta oblongispora (Pezizales, Tarzettaceae), a new species from the Mediterranean basin, and new records of Tarzetta based on an updated phylogeny

Carbone M., Saitta S., Sánchez L., García Blanco A., Van Vooren N.

Vol. 15 (3) – 13 September 2023

doi: 10.25664/art-0374

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Abstract: Tarzetta oblongispora is proposed as a new species collected in the Mediterranean basin (France, Italy and Spain). It is characterized by its distinct morphology and genetic profile. A discussion on its affinities with the other medium or small, non-stiped Tarzetta species is presented. An updated phylogeny of the genus, and new records for Austria, France, Italy and Spain are reported for recently described species. A discussion on affinities between Tarzetta melitensis and T. scotica is also presented. Colour pictures of fresh samples, as well as microscopical features, are provided. Finally, a key to the accepted European known species is presented.

History and definition of the genus Tarzetta (Cooke) Lambotte has been treated in detail by Van Vooren et al. (2019), who also performed a worldwide and thorough phylogenetic study of this genus. In that context, a small clade, named /tarz-5b, was containing two taxa from the Mediterranean area […]

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