Glutinoglossum decorum (Geoglossales), a new species from the laurel forests of Spain
By Sierra A., Alvarado P., Camello F., Kučera V.

Vol. 15 (1) – 13 April 2023

doi: 10.25664/art-0367

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Abstract: A newly discovered species of slime earth tongue is here described and accommodated under the name Glutinoglossum decorum. It is genetically and ecologically close to G. persoonii but displays a slightly distinct genetic profile and is exclusively found in forests communities under Laurus sp. Morphologically, it develops a longer stipe, has much more voluminous ascomata, as well as significantly shorter asci and ascospores. While ITS nor LSU rDNA alone cannot discriminate G. decorum from G. persoonii, tef1 and rpb1 genes suggest that samples of G. persoonii collected in different Mediterranean countries (Italy, Spain) are significantly different from samples of G. decorum coming from Spain.

The genus Glutinoglossum Hustad, A.N. Mill., Dentinger & P.F. Cannon according to Hustad et al. (2013) included two very slimy species of earth-tongues: G. glutinosum (Pers.) Hustad, A.N. Mill., Dentinger & P.F. Cannon with predominantly 3-septate ascospores and G. heptaseptatum Hustad, A.N. Mill., Dentinger & P.F. Cannon where ascospores with 7 septa prevail […]