Neocosmospora lechatii (Nectriaceae) a new species from French Guiana

Sandoval-Denis M., Groenewald J.Z., Crous P.W.

Vol. 14 (4) – 03 December 2022

doi: 10.25664/art-0360

 Open Access


Abstract: A description of Neocosmospora lechatii sp. nov. is presented, based on two collections on dead wood of unknown origin collected in French Guiana. The specimens were obtained in culture and six loci were amplified, sequenced, and compared with the currently known phylogenetic breadth of Neocosmospora. The new species is described, illustrated, and morphological comparisons are made to its closest relatives.

The genus Neocosmospora E.F. Sm. (Nectriaceae), which is allied to Fusarium Link (Lombard et al., 2015; Crous et al., 2021) is the second largest hypocrealean genus of fusarioid fungi, presently encompassing more than 100 accepted species (; Crous et al., 2021). Neocosmospora spp. colonise a vast diversity of substrates and geographical ranges […]

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