Velenovskya, a new genus in the family Pezizaceae to accommodate Plicariella vacini
By Albanese A., Boragine M., Carbone M., Alvarado P.

Vol. 14 (3) – 11 July 2022

doi: 10.25664/art-0353

 Open Access


Abstract: Phylogenetic analyses based on partial sequences of the 28S rDNA and the rpb2 gene obtained from a collection of Plicariella vacini (≡ Peziza vacini) and homologous sequences from public databases suggest that this species represents an isolated lineage within the family Pezizaceae, quite distant from either Plicariella and Peziza s. str. In accordance with these phylogenetic results, a new name for this clade, the monotypic genus Velenovskya, is proposed around the new combination Velenovskya vacini. Phylogenetic and taxonomic relationships between Velenovskya and related genera are discussed, and an updated morphological description, including extensive macro- and micro-morphological images, is provided.

As pointed out by Van Vooren (2020), the family Pezizaceae Dumort. is mainly characterised by the amyloid reaction of the asci, the absence of carotenoid pigments in cells and the uninucleate ascospores [see also Korf (1972) and Berthet (1964)]. Recently, a systematic overview of the Pezizaceae was given first by Jaklitsch et al. (2016) who recognized 32 genera in this family […]