Paratricharina confusa sp. nov. and Hellenicoscyphus hyalotrichus gen. and sp. nov., two new tricharinoid discomycetes (Pezizales) from the Mediterranean basin

Lindemann U., Valencia F.J., Kaounas V., Kummer V., Van Vooren N.

Vol. 14 (2) – 25 April 2022

doi: 10.25664/art-0347

 Open Access



Two new tricharinoid species, Paratricharina confusa and Hellenicoscyphus hyalotrichus, are described and illustrated based on collections from Spain and Greece. The morphological features are compared with the most closely related species, especially Paratricharina poiraultii. A multigene analysis showing their taxonomic position is presented and discussed.

The genus Paratricharina Van Vooren, U. Lindem., M. Vega, Ribes, Illescas & Matočec was published as a new genus with P. poiraultii (Boud.) Van Vooren, U. Lindem., M. Vega, Ribes, Illescas & Matočec (basionym: Lachnea poiraultii Boud.) as type. This fungus is a small discomycete with densely interwoven dark brown marginal and excipular hairs and […]

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