Exploring the European Trichophaea-like discomycetes (Pezizales) using morphological, ecological and molecular data. Part 3: New discoveries in Perilachnea

Van Vooren N., Valencia F.J., Carbone M., Vega M.

Vol. 14 (1) – 28 February 2022

doi: 10.25664/art-0342

 Open Access



New morphological and phylogenetic studies conducted on new Spanish collections of Trichophaea-like discomycetes allowed the description and illustration of three new species of Perilachnea: P. fallax, very close to P. flavobrunnea, distinguished by its ascospore characters, P. humarioides, looking like Humaria hemisphaerica but with pluriguttulate and smooth ascospores, and P. verrucispora, characterised by its verrucose ascospores. The lectotypification of P. hemisphaerioides is also provided. An updated key to Perilachnea is provided.

In the first part of our study on Trichophaea-like species, we proposed three new genera, including Perilachnea Van Vooren, mainly characterised by its deeply cupulate apothecia […]

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