Plectania harnischii, a new North American species of the Plectania melastoma lineage (Pezizales, Sarcosomataceae)

Carbone M., Agnello C., Parker A., Alvarado P.

Vol. 13 (6) – 29 November 2021

doi: 10.25664/art-0339

 Open Access


Abstract: Plectania harnischii is here proposed as a new species collected in the coniferous forests of the Pacific Northwest in USA. This species is characterised by its distinct morphology and genetic profile. A discussion on its affinities with the other two members of the so-called “Plectania melastoma clade” is presented. Colour pictures of fresh samples as well as microscopical features are provided.

In the phylogenetic study of Carbone et al. (2013) on Sarcosomataceae, Plectania melastoma (Sowerby) Fuckel was considered a single lineage of genus Plectania Fuckel. Later, Carbone et al. (2015a) confirmed that Plectania zugazae Calonge & Alb. García represents an independent lineage sister […]

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