Paratricharina multiguttulata sp. nov. – A new species of the Tricharina-group with subspherical spores

Lindemann U., Wieschollek D., Sochorová Z., Vega M.

Vol. 13 (5) – 29 September 2021

doi: 10.25664/art-0335

 Open Access


Abstract: Paratricharina multiguttulata is described as a new species based on collections from Germany, Hungary and Norway. It is unique among the species of the Tricharina-group due to its subglobose ascospores. The morphological features are compared with the most closely related species Paratricharina poiraultii. A phylogenetic analysis based on 28 nrDNA, rpb2 and tef1 is presented.

Several new species have been described in Tricharina Eckblad (syn. Tricharia Boud., nom. illeg.) and related genera in recent years. Supposedly forgotten species were brought back into awareness and described species, which for many years were only known from the type collections, could be confirmed and molecularly barcoded by newer collections […]

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