Validation of the name Byssonectria carestiae (Pezizales)

Lindemann U.

Vol. 13 (5) – 29 September 2021

doi: 10.25664/art-0334

 Open Access


Abstract: Due to the citation of an invalid basionym, the combination of Peziza carestiae in Byssonectria was also invalid. The following note validates the combination by using the correct basionym.

Braun (2018: 33) stated that Peziza carestiae Ces. is invalid because in the herbarium collection Klotzschii Herb. Viv. Mycol., Ed. Nova (# 704) as well as in the Erbar. Crittogam. Ital., 271 (# 1271) the name of the species was introduced without description or diagnosis in the sense of Art. 32 of ICN […]

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