Geejayessia ruscicola (Hypocreales, Nectriaceae), a new species on Ruscus aculeatus

Lechat C., Fournier J.

Vol. 13 (4) – 27 July 2021

doi: 10.25664/art-0331

 Open Access


Abstract: Geejayessia ruscicola sp. nov. is described and illustrated, based on many collections on Ruscus aculeatus L. (Liliaceae) from France and one from U.K. Four collections of this species were cultured and sequenced. The placement of this fungus in the genus Geejayessia and its status as a distinct species are based on the study of its sexual and asexual morphs, phylogenetic comparison of ITS sequences with species among nine genera in the Nectriaceae having a fusarium-like asexual morph as well as known Geejayessia species.

In continuing the survey of the Nectriaceae in temperate areas (Lechat & Aplin, 2016; Lechat & Fournier, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2020; Lechat & Priou, 2008; Lechat & Rossman, 2017; Lechat et al., 2010, 2014, 2015, 2018a, 2018b, 2019, 2021) a cosmospora-like species was repeatedly collected on dead stems of Ruscus aculeatus […]

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