Warcupia cupulata a new cup-shaped species in the cleistothecioid genus Warcupia (Otideaceae, Pezizales)

Carbone M., Galeotti G.B., Lezzi T., Athanasiadis A., Alvarado P.

Vol. 13 (4) – 27 July 2021

doi: 10.25664/art-0330

 Open Access


Abstract: The name Warcupia cupulata is here proposed for an apothecioid species described for the first time upon Greek, Italian and Spanish collections probably associated with Cupressus, and the formerly cleistothecioid genus Warcupia is consequently amended. Images of fresh samples and their main microscopical characters are provided, as well as phylogenetic analyses based on ITS rDNA sequences, and a combined dataset including 28S rDNA, tef1 and rpb2 data. Homologous sequences of the related genera Acervus and Arpinia were produced and published to support the phylogenetic study.

The monotypic genus Warcupia Paden & J.W. Cameron, is typified by Warcupia terrestris Paden & J.W. Cameron, a species first isolated from soil samples of Canada and USA (Paden & Cameron, 1972). The genus is currently characterised by its globose brown cleistothecial ascocarps with a peridium composed of textura angularis with golden-brown cell walls, dehiscing […]

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