Sowerbyella meridionalis (Pezizales), a new species from south-western Europe
By Rubio E., Sánchez L., Bometón J., Roqué C.

Vol. 13 (4) – 27 July 2021

doi: 10.25664/art-0328

 Open Access



Sowerbyella meridionalis is proposed as a new species from south-western Europe based on morphological and ecological studies. The spore size is similar to that of Sowerbyella brevispora Harmaja, from which it differs in spore ornamentation and its ecological features. Collections from western France, initially attributed to S. brevispora, are compared and also agree with this new species.

Sowerbyella Nannf. is a genus of ascomycetes that forms cupulate apothecia, almost discoid at extreme maturity, superficial, scattered, gregarious or caespitose, measuring up to 100 mm in diameter, stipitate or substipitate, with entire margins, rarely cleft, and not conspicuously hairy, with […]