A new species of Glutinoglossum (Geoglossaceae, Ascomycota) from Europe, G. persoonii

Saitta S., Sierra A., Kučera V., Alvarado P.

Vol. 13 (3) – 09 May 2021

doi: 10.25664/art-0326

 Open Access


Abstract: Glutinoglossum persoonii is here described as new to science. It is regularly found in acidic soils of Italy and Spain near Pinus sp., Quercus sp., Cupressus sp., Arbutus unedo and Erica sp. plants. It is characterised by the apically branched hyphae of its stipe surface and relatively long spores and asci. Morphologically, the most similar species is G. pseudoglutinosum since both taxa present a huge gelatinous layer on the stipe surface and similar ascospores with 3 and 7 septa. The phylogenetic analyses based on ITS and 28S rDNA confirm that G. persoonii and G. pseudoglutinosum are closely related, and show they represent a sister clade to G. glutinosum.

Molecular studies, based on ITS and 28S (LSU) rDNA regions and the nuclear genes rpb2 and mcm7 (Hustad et al., 2013), showed that Geoglossum glutinosum Pers. formed a significantly distinct clade, different from the one containing the type species of Geoglossum Pers., G. glabrum Pers. […]

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