Nomenclatural novelties in Pezizales
By VanVooren N.

Vol. 13 (2) – 20 March 2021

doi: 10.25664/art-0321

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Abstract: Three nomenclatural novelties are proposed. The first one consists in the definition of a new family Coprotaceae, based on the isolated position of the clade /Boubovia-Coprotus within the Pezizales. The second one is the combination of Peziza waltersii Seaver into the genus Elaiopezia based on molecular and morphological characters. The last one concerns the combination of Aleuria palustris (Boud.) Le Gal into the genus Peziza.

We propose some nomenclatural changes and novelties related to Pezizales taxa. These results come from various works dealing with several genera of Pezizales which will be published in the forthcoming months or from explorations […]