Dialonectria favaceae, a new species from France, and Dialonectria magnusiana comb. nov. for Nectria magnusiana

Lechat C., Fournier J., Chaduli D., Lesage-Meessen L., Favel A.

Vol. 13 (2) – 20 March 2021

doi: 10.25664/art-0320

 Open Access


Abstract: A new species of Dialonectria is proposed, based on a collection occurring on dead stromata of Diatrypella cf. favacea, on Alnus incana in the French Alps. This species is placed in Dialonectria based on morphological characters, asexual morph in culture and molecular data. Moreover, the new combination Dialonectria magnusiana (Rehm) Lechat & J. Fourn. is proposed to accommodate the basionym Nectria magnusiana Rehm. A dichotomous key to the seven currently recognized species of Dialonectria is presented.

The genus Dialonectria (Sacc.) Cooke was reinstated by Gräfenhan et al. (2011) for fungicolous Nectriaceae formerly placed in Nectria “episphaeria group” by Booth (1959), Nectria subgenus Dialonectria by Samuels et al. (1991) and Cosmospora Rabenh. […]

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