Reinstatement of old taxa and publication of new genera for naming some lineages of the Pezizaceae (Ascomycota)

Van Vooren N.

Vol. 12 (4) – 09 July 2020

doi: 10.25664/art-0305

 Open Access


Abstract: Based on both molecular data obtained from databases and from new studies of type collections of species of Peziza described by Donadini and morphological characters, taxonomical changes are proposed. Some names are given based on lineages of the Pezizaceae previously assigned to Peziza. A new multigene phylogeny (LSU, RPB2, β-tubulin) is provided. The following genera are reinstated: Daleomyces Setch., with D. gardneri (syn. Peziza proteana f. sparassoides) as type species, Geoscypha (Cooke) Lambotte, with Peziza violacea as type species, and Phaeopezia Sacc. ex Vido, with Peziza apiculata as type species. Peziza sect. Purpureodiscus, with Peziza subisabellina as type species, is raised to the generic rank. Six new genera are proposed: Ionopezia, with Peziza gerardii as type species, Malvipezia, with Peziza howsei as type species, Elaiopezia, with Galactinia polaripapulata as type species, Paragalactinia, with Peziza succosa as type species, Phylloscypha, with Peziza phyllogena as type species, and Legaliana, with Peziza badia as type species. The genera Galactinia, Heteroplegma, Infundibulum, Iotidea, Paramitra and Podaleuris are also discussed. The amyloid reaction of asci is also discussed and characterised with three new categories inspired by those of Hansen et al. (2001).

The genus Peziza Fr. in a wide sense contains numerous epigeous and hypogeous species, 104 according to Kirk et al. (2008) but this number is probably underestimated. It is the type genus of Pezizaceae Dumort. of which one of the main characters is the amyloid reaction of asci […]

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