Hydropisphaera angelicae (Bionectriaceae), a new species from Spain

Lechat C., Fournier J., Rubio E.

Vol. 12 (4) – 09 July 2020

doi: 10.25664/art-0304

 Open Access


Abstract: A detailed description of Hydropisphaera angelicae sp. nov. is presented, based on a collection on dead stems of Angelica sylvestris in Spain. The fungus was sequenced and its placement in the genus Hydropisphaera is confirmed by analysis of LSU sequences. This species is characterized by ascomata bearing a stellate apical fringe of fasciculate hairs, blackening upon drying, and narrowly fusiform, faintly striate ascospores.

In the continuity of a worldwide survey of Hydropisphaera Dumort. (Lechat & Fournier, 2016; 2017a; 2017b; 2020; Lechat & Gardiennet, 2009; Lechat et al., 2010), we had the opportunity to examine a bionectriaceous fungus collected in Spain […]

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