Resurrection of Boudier’s generic name Urceolella for Excipula aspera Moug. ex Fr. (Helotiales)

Helleman S.

Vol. 12 (1) – 15 February 2020

doi: 10.25664/art-0293

 Open Access


Abstract: The author proposes a reconsideration of the placement of Excipula aspera Moug. ex Fr., a Osmunda regalis inhabiting species, in the genera Urceolella Boud. and Olla Velen. based on its hair chemistry and genetics

Based on molecular and micro-chemical data, the genus Urceolella Boud. is showed to be used for Excipula aspera Moug. ex Fr. (Fries, 1823) over Olla Velen., after over 100 years […]

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