Pseudocosmospora hypoxylicola (Nectriaceae), a new species from the French Alps

Lechat C., Fournier J.

Vol. 12 (1) – 15 February 2020

doi: 10.25664/art-0290

 Open Access


Abstract: Pseudocosmospora hypoxylicola is described and illustrated based on material occurring on stromata of Hypoxylon fuscum on Alnus alnobetula in France. The placement of this fungus in the genus and its status as a distinct species are based on the study of its sexual and asexual morphs, colour of colony in culture and phylogenetic comparison of ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 and LSU sequences with those of cosmospora-like fungi having an acremonium-like asexual morph

In the course of a field survey of Ascomycota in the French Alps in August 2019, initiated by, a cosmospora-like species was collected on dead or effete stromata of Hypoxylon fuscum (Pers.) Fr. (Hypoxylaceae, Xylariales) on Alnus alnobetula […]

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