Preliminary notes on the genus Tarzetta (Pezizales) with typifications of some species and description of six new species

Van Vooren N., Carbone M., Sammut C., Grupe A.C.

Vol. 11 (6) – 24 December 2019

doi: 10.25664/art-0288

 Open Access


Abstract: Species of Tarzetta are morphologically well-defined but their taxonomy is confused because of the multiple interpretations of the oldest names, i.e. T. catinus and T. cupularis. The exploration of this genus with molecular and ecological data gave us the opportunity to partially clarify its taxonomy and to propose typifications of names. The type collections of T. pusilla, T. gaillardiana, and T. spurcata in the sense of Harmaja were reviewed. Hypotarzetta insignis, a semi-hypogeous species, is reinstated in Tarzetta based on molecular data. New species are also described and illustrated: T. gregaria sp. nov. is characterized by its small size and gregarious orangish ascocarps, T. alnicola sp. nov. is a small species associated with alders in riparian woodlands, T. alpina sp. nov. grows in boreo-alpine regions, T. sepultarioides sp. nov. is characterized by its Sepultaria-like appearance and ascus base shape, T. melitensis sp. nov. is a small species described from Malta, and T. quercus-ilicis sp. nov. is a small, sessile species, associated with Quercus ilex in Mediterranean regions. T. betulicola is a provisional name proposed for a species from the T. catinus complex, probably associated with birch trees.

The name Tarzetta was established by Cooke (1879) as a subgenus of Peziza Fr., but no type was designated. It was later combined to the genus Tarzetta by Lambotte (1888) and typified by Rogers et al. (1971) with Peziza tarzetta Cooke as type-species […]

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