First European records of Xylaria apiculata (Xylariales) from Spain

Rubio E.

Vol. 11 (6) – 24 December 2019

doi: 10.25664/art-0286

 Open Access


Abstract: Xylaria apiculata, so far known to have a pantropical distribution, is reported here for the first time from Europe, based on two collections from Asturias (Spain). The author presents a macro- and microscopic description of the fungus and its differences with the most closely related species within the “Xylaria arbuscula complex” are discussed. ITS and LSU rDNA sequences were generated during this study and deposited to enable further phylogenetic studies in this taxonomic group

The number of records of tropical and subtropical fungal species has increased continuously in Europe in recent years (Rubio et al., 2016, 2018), likely because of both the significant increase in average temperatures on the continent and the number of researchers working in this region […]

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