Ericboehmia, a new genus segregated from Ostreichnion in the Hysteriaceae, with the new species E. saulensis

Gardiennet A., Lechat C., Fournier J.

Vol. 11 (6) – 24 December 2019

doi: 10.25664/art-0269

 Open Access


Abstract: A hysteriaceous dothideomycete with conchate ascomata with brittle wall was collected three times in French Guiana on dead corticated twigs of Caesalpinia pulcherrima. Examination of morphological characters and phylogenetic analysis of LSU sequences showed its affinities with the genus Ostreichnion and particularly with O. curtisii, with which it shares an ascospore morphology strongly deviating from that of O. sassafras, the type species. Our morphological and molecular results led us to the segregation of the new genus Ericboehmia to accommodate those species previously assigned to Ostreichnion featuring oblong didymospores. The new species E. saulensis is described and illustrated based on these three collections. It is shown to differ from O. curtisii by ascospore dimensions and septation and is proposed as type species. In addition, based on our results, six new combinations are proposed to accommodate in Ericboehmia some species recently added to Ostreichnion or Hysterium. A dichotomous key to the species accepted in Ericboehmia is proposed

During an inventorial survey of fungi in the vicinity of the village of Saül, set up by the Parc National Amazonien de Guyane in August 2018, a conchate dothideomycetous fungus was collected on dead corticated twigs of Caesalpinia pulcherrima (L.) Sw. Given its ascomatal shape, it was first reminiscent of the Mytilinidiaceae […]

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