Emendation of the genus Tricharina (Pezizales) based on phylogenetic, morphological and ecological data. Part 2

Van Vooren N., Lindemann U., Healy R.

Vol. 11 (5) – 03 October 2019

doi: 10.25664/art-0268

 Open Access


Abstract: A second series of species of the genus Tricharina is reviewed based on morphological and phylogenetic data. The examination of Tricharina cretea in the sense of Thind & Waraitch resulted in its description as a new species, published herein as T. indica. T. hiemalis, T. japonica, and T. striispora are described and illustrated with new collections, as well as T. glabra. Tricharina herinkii is redescribed based on the type-collection and on a recent collection. Results from these analyses support the erection of the new genus Tricharinopsis, to accommodate this species. The type collection of Humaria flava (syn. Tricharina flava) was examined and compared to T. herinkii, but the lack of molecular data of the former preclude a formal conclusion. The examination of the type collection of the tricharinoid Leucoscypha subimmersa gave us the opportunity to transfer it to the genus Pseudotricharina because of its microscopic characters. Finally, the revision of the type-collection of Tricharina praecox var. intermedia was determined to be the same as Ascorhizoctonia praecox

In a previous study, we focused on the morphological and molecular identity of the type species of Tricharina, T. gilva (Boud.) Eckblad, and two other Tricharina taxa that were consequently reassigned to other genera: T. ascophanoides (Boud.) Chin S. Yang & Korf to Cupulina Dougoud, Van Vooren & M. Vega and T. praecox (P. Karst.) Dennis to Ascorhizoctonia Chin S. Yang & Korf […]

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