Two new species of Chaetopsina (Nectriaceae) from Saül (French Guiana)

Lechat C., Fournier J.

Vol. 11 (4) – 29 June 2019

doi: 10.25664/art-0265

 Open Access


Abstract: Two new species of Chaetopsina are described and illustrated from specimens collected in French Guiana. Based on morphological divergences of both sexual and asexual morphs from known Chaetopsina species as well as phylogenetic analysis of ITS and LSU sequences, C. guyanensis and C. saulensis are proposed as new species. In addition, two new combinations in Chaetopsina are proposed.

A field trip carried out over one week in August 2018 in Saül (French Guiana) led to the discovery of several new species of Hypocreales, three of which have been described (Lechat & Fournier, 2019a; 2019b; Lechat et al., 2019). Two additional collections […]

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