Phylogenetic and morphological studies in Otidea alutacea and O. bufonia clades (Pezizales), with the new species Otidea adorniae

Carbone M., Agnello C., Kautmanová I., Ge Z.W., Alvarado P.

Vol. 11 (4) – 29 June 2019

doi: 10.25664/art-0264

 Open Access


Abstract: Otidea adorniae is here proposed and described as new to science upon collections made in xerophilous broadleaved forests of Apulia (southern Italy). Color images and hand drawings illustrating its main diagnostic features are provided. Its position in the complex of Otidea alutacea is discussed on the basis of morphological descriptions and phylogenetic analysis of ITS and 28S rDNA data. The new combination Otidea parvispora is also proposed. The holotypes of Otidea cinerascens and O. kunmingensis are examined respectively both morphologically and phylogenetically. In addition, an updated phylogenetic study of the Otidea bufonia clade suggests that Otidea pruinosa should be regarded a synonym of Otidea subpurpurea (= O. bicolor).

Liu & Zhuang (2006) were the first to suggest that samples identified as Otidea alutacea (Pers.) Massee could actually represent a complex of closely related species. This view was supported by Hansen & Olariaga (2015) and Olariaga et al. (2015). The /alutacea clade is a difficult group […]

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