Preliminary phylogenetic and morphological studies in the Gyromitra gigas lineage (Pezizales). 2. Typification of Gyromitra fastigiata and Helvella grandis
By Van Vooren N., Carbone M.

Vol. 11 (3) – 08 May 2019

doi: 10.25664/art-0261

 Open Access



Helvella fastigiata and H. grandis are epitypified with material collected in the original area. Gyromitra grandis is proposed as a new combination and regarded as a priority synonym of G. fastigiata. The status of Gyromitra slonevskii is also discussed. Photographs of fresh specimens and original plates illustrate the article.

During a preliminary morphological and phylogenetic study in the subgenus Discina (Fr.) Harmaja (Carbone et al., 2018), especially the group of species close to Gyromitra gigas (Krombh.) Quél., we sequenced collections of G. fastigiata (Krombh.) Rehm […]