Discovering unrecorded genera of Helotiales in the Canary Islands

Quijada L., Beltrán-Tejera E.

Vol. 11 (2) – 06 April 2019

doi: 10.25664/art-0258

 Open Access


Abstract: We report the first records for the Canary Islands of species of three genera of Helotiales, Dematioscypha dematiicola, Hamatocanthoscypha ocellata and Hyalopeziza nectrioidea. Macro-, micromorphological and ecological data are provided for these species.

The Canary Islands are recognized worldwide as an important hot-spot of diversity of living beings (Myers et al., 2000). More than two thousand species of fungi have been reported for this archipelago with 7447 km² of emerged land […]

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