Xylaria aethiopica sp. nov. – a new pod-inhabiting species of Xylaria (Xylariaceae) from Ethiopia

Fournier J., Ju Y.M., Hsieh H.M., Lindemann U.

Vol. 10 (5) – 04 November 2018

doi: 10.25664/art-0244

 Open Access


Abstract: A filiform and nodulose Xylaria repeatedly collected on woody pods of the endemic tree Milletia ferruginea in Ethiopia is documented with macromorphological, micromorphological, culture, and DNA sequence data. A comparison with known related species sharing a similar ecology and Xylaria taxa previously reported from this region show its distinctiveness. The new species X. aethiopica is therefore proposed to accommodate it

Ethiopia is characterized by highly diverse ecosystems ranging from the deserts of the Afar Depression with the hottest places on earth (year-round average temperatures) and the lowest point in Africa (at 155 meters below sea level) on the one hand to the mountains of Northern Ethiopia (Simen) and […]

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