Amphirosellinia gallaeciana sp. nov. (Xylariaceae), a new species from Spain

Fournier J., CastroMarcote J.M., Rubio E., Lechat C.

Vol. 10 (5) – 04 November 2018

doi: 10.25664/art-0242

 Open Access


Abstract: The new species Amphirosellinia gallaeciana is described and illustrated based on material collected on branchlets of Castanea and Quercus in Galicia (Spain). The material collected is assigned to Amphirosellinia based on macro- and micromorphological characters and comparison of the ITS sequence with those of two species of Amphirosellinia, including the type species. The new name is proposed based on morphological differences with other known species that are discussed in detail

We report herein a xylariaceous fungus repeatedly collected in the vicinity of A Coruña in the autonomous community of Galicia in Spain by one of us (JMCM). Its stromata are pustulate [...]

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