Sarcopeziza (Pezizaceae, Ascomycota), a new monotypic genus for Inzenga’s old taxon Peziza sicula

Agnello C., Alvarado P., Loizides M.

Vol. 10 (4) – 09 September 2018

doi: 10.25664/art-0240

 Open Access


Abstract: Phylogenetic inferences in recent years have shown that the genus Peziza, in its traditional circumscription, is polyphyletic. Multigene phylogenetic analyses based on the ITS and 28S rDNA, as well as rpb2 and tef1 loci carried out on the epitype collection of Peziza sicula, suggest that it represents an isolated lineage within Pezizaceae, quite distant from Peziza s. str. To reflect phylogenetic results, the new monotypic genus Sarcopeziza is proposed, and the new combination Sarcopeziza sicula is provided to accommodate the sole representative of the genus so far. Phylogenetic and taxonomic relationships between Sarcopeziza and related genera are discussed, and an updated morphological description, including extensive macro- and micromorphological images, is provided

The order Pezizales J. Schröt. (Engler & Prantl, 1894: 173), includes about 200 morphologically diverse genera producing epigeous, hypogeous, or semi-hypogeous ascomata with operculate asci […]

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