Clonostachys spinulosispora (Hypocreales, Bionectriaceae), a new species on palm from French Guiana

Lechat C., Fournier J.

Vol. 10 (4) – 09 September 2018

doi: 10.25664/art-0238

 Open Access


Abstract: Clonostachys spinulosispora is introduced as a new species of Clonostachys (syn. Bionectria), based on material collected in French Guiana on dead palm leaves of Astrocaryum vulgare. The placement of the new species in Clonostachys is supported by morphological characters of the asexual morph obtained in culture and the bionectria-like sexual morph of the specimen in nature as well as analysis of ITS sequences. Its segregation from other known species of Clonostachys is primarily based on its striking ascospore ornamentation

During a field trip carried out over two weeks in June 2012 in French Guiana, an unknown bionectriaceous species was collected on dead palm leaves of Astrocaryum vulgare Mart. (Arecaceae). The genus Clonostachys Corda […]

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