Epitypification of Lamprospora rehmii Benkert (Pezizales)

Vega M., Janošík L., Martínez-Gil R., Moyne G.

Vol. 10 (3) – 15 June 2018

doi: 10.25664/art-0234

 Open Access


Abstract: Lamprospora rehmii Benkert, a species of bryophilous Pezizales infecting the moss Pleuridium acuminatum Lindb., is presented from recent collections, one of which is designated as epitype. An illustration from the protologue is designated as lectotype. Sequence data from the LSU and ITS regions have been deposited in GenBank

Finding and studying a rarely reported species always evokes a tingling sensation and we were excited when we got hold of the almost forgotten Lamprospora rehmii, which was described by Benkert (1987) […]

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