Allophylaria subliciformis (Pezizellaceae, Helotiales), a rare species rediscovered in Europe and North America

Martínez-Gil R., Baral H.-O.

Vol. 10 (2) – 22 April 2018

doi: 10.25664/art-0230

 Open Access


Abstract: The macro- and microscopic characters of the very rarely recorded Allophylaria subliciformis, type species of Allophylaria, are described and illustrated from fresh collections made in Spain and Germany. A sample from Canada is also reported. A history of the genus Allophylaria is given. New data, ecological and chorological information and some comments on the confusion with Crocicreas and Cyathicula are added. rDNA sequences of SSU, ITS, and LSU were gained which support placement of the genus in the Pezizellaceae

Karsten (1869: 103) proposed a section Allophylaria within the genus Peziza Dill. ex Fr., in which he placed on pp. 147–148 two species, Peziza eucrita P. Karst. and the newly described P. ‘sublicoides’ P. Karst. (renamed to A. ‘sublicaeformis’ in the index on p. 205). The very same sectional diagnosis was reproduced in a “repertorium” […]

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