Flammocladiella decora, a new combination to accommodate the hypocrealean fungus Nectria decora

Lechat C., Fournier J.

Vol. 10 (1) – 25 February 2018

doi: 10.25664/art-0227

 Open Access


Abstract: The new combination Flammocladiella decora is proposed to accommodate Nectria decora, whose taxonomic position is unsettled. Detailed description and illustrations of this species are presented, based on material occurring on ascomata of Massaria inquinans on Acer pseudoplatanus in France. The placement of this fungus in the genus Flammocladiella is based on its sexual and asexual morphs deviating from those of typical Bionectriaceae and Nectriaceae and phylogenetic comparison of ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 and LSU sequences with genera and species belonging to families in the Hypocreales

The fungus Nectria decora (Wallr.) Fuckel has long been challenging and intriguing because of its fungicolous lifestyle, its small pale orange, villose, gregarious ascomata and association with an asexual morph assigned to Fusarium ciliatum Link (Beenken, 1997). Whereas the supposed fusarium-like asexual morph suggested affinities with Nectriaceae, the small pale orange ascomata not changing colour in 3% KOH nor in lactic acid are more suggestive of the Bionectriaceae as defined by Rossman et al. (1999) […]

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