The genera Kretzschmariella and Nemania (Xylariaceae) in Guadeloupe and Martinique (French West Indies)

Fournier J., Lechat C., Courtecuisse R.

Vol. 10 (1) – 25 February 2018

doi: 10.25664/art-0226

 Open Access


Abstract: This survey deals with the Nemania taxa collected in the French West Indies in the course of an ongoing inventorial work on the mycobiota of these islands initiated in 2003. Based on the evaluation and comparison of their morphological characters, sixteen taxa are described, illustrated and discussed, including seven known taxa, viz.: N. beaumontii, N. bipapillata, N. caries, N. chestersii var. microspora, N. diffusa, N. immersidiscus and N. subaenea. Nine new taxa are proposed, including N. albofarcta, N. colubrina, N. discostoma, N. flavoviridis, N. nivea, N. obscura, N. roseolilacina and N. sericata, and the new combination N. sublutea for a taxon formerly placed in Hypoxylon. The monotypic genus Kretzschmariella, represented by K. culmorum, is included for its morphological resemblance and possible confusion with Nemania. With the exception of K. culmorum and N. bipapillata which were already reported from the Caribbean, all other taxa are new to this region. A dichotomous identification key and a synoptic figure plate of stromata are presented

This survey of the genus Nemania S.F. Gray in the French Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique is the continuation of similar taxonomic studies carried out on the xylariaceous genera Hypoxylon Bull., Annulohypoxylon Y.-M. Ju, J.D. Rogers & H.-M. Hsieh, Biscogniauxia Kuntze and Rosellinia De Not. in the same region (Fournier et al., 2015; 2016; 2017a; 2017b). The reader is referred to the first publication for details on the framework within which this work was carried out […]

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