A new species of Fusicolla (Hypocreales), F. ossicola, from Belgium
By Lechat C., Rossman A.

Vol. 9 (6) – 20 November 2017

doi: 10.25664/art-0215

 Open Access


Abstract: Fusicolla ossicola sp. nov. is described and illustrated based on material collected on bone of wild boar in Belgium. This species is placed in the genus Fusicolla based on morphological characters such as changing color in lactic acid and the fusarium-like asexual morph produced in culture. A phylogenetic comparison of its ITS and LSU sequences was made with those of known Fusicolla species and 13 nectriaceous species having a fusarium-like asexual morph. Fusicolla ossicola is characterized by pale yellow to pale brownish orange, non-stromatic ascomata, not changing color in 3% KOH but becoming bright orange in lactic acid and a fusarium-like asexual morph. Furthermore, the systematic position and identity of Cosmospora matuoi Hosoya & Tubaki are discussed

During a survey of hypocrealean fungi, an intriguing specimen was collected by Bernard Clesse on bone of wild boar (Sus scrofa) in Belgium, which permitted a detailed morphological characterization and successful single ascospore isolation. This specimen was determined to be a new species assigned to the Nectriaceae […]