Two new species of Podosordaria (Xylariales): P. cynomys and P. cypraea
By Bell A., Mahoney D.

Vol. 9 (5) – 27 September 2017

doi: 10.25664/art-0211

 Open Access


Abstract: Two new species of the infrequently seen genus Podosordaria, P. cynomys on dung and P. cypraea on decaying wood, are described and illustrated. Both species are among the seldom reported Podosordaria species characterized by uniperitheciate sessile stromata. In each the orange white/orange grey stromatic tissue envelops a single dark perithecium except for the blackish perithecial ostiolar region which barely emerges above the stromatic tissue. Ascus apices are prominently J+ and ascospore longitudinal germ slits extend the entire length, or nearly so. Podosordaria species are generally coprophilous but P. cypraea on a woody substrate is unique. No anamorph was observed in either case and attempts to culture were unsuccessful

Our first species of Podosordaria, P. cynomys, developed on incubated dung in 2014, some three years ago. Despite having studied the coprophilous fungi since 1971, this was the very first time we had encountered a species of sessile Podosordaria containing but one perithecium. [...]